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Green juice

Green Juice

Make your own "liquid chllorophyl"!


  • blender
  • Salad spinner or collander
  • Cheese cloth or bag strainer


  • Greens: grass, dandelion, plantain, thistle, mallow, chickweed
  • Water


  • Harvest the greens of your choice. Wash in cold water.
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  • Cut greens into large pieces and fill blender without packing it.
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  • Add water to cover or up to max. amount blender will take.
  • Blend until the greens are well chopped and the water looks green.
  • Steep for half an hour (or so, give or take)
  • Pour blender contents into a cheesecloth or bag strainer, capturing the water in a jug of some sort. Gently squeeze cloth or bag to get all the liquid possible out of it.
  • Enjoy your "liquid chllorophyl" straight, in water, lemonade, added to tea, etc.
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You can use dark leafy greens in place of the wild greens: kale, swiss chard, beet greens, spinach. Or mix and match to change up the flavors.
Add a little peppermint, spearmint, pineapple weed, or other herb for a refreshing flavor boost.