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Digestive Tea

Digestion is everything in health, and this tea is a great way to balance, soothe, and kickstart your digestion.


CCF spice blend

  • 2 Tbsp corriander seeds
  • 2 Tbsp cumin seeds
  • 2 Tbsp fennel seeds


  • 1 slice fresh ginger, sliced to taste (dried can be substituted)
  • 2 Tbsp CCF spice blend


  • Mix CCF spice blend ingredients in a jar and label it. Can make more at one time, or adjust amounts to suit your tastes. Useful for tea, and to grind and season food for flavor and better digestion as you eat.
  • Add tea ingredients to your tea ball, press pot, or a reuseable tea bag.
  • Add boiling water to fill your container. Steep for 10 minutes, or until cool enough to drink.
  • Remove tea bag or ball, or leave in cup as you prefer, and enjoy!


You can add honey or milk if you like your tea that way, though both of those will dampen your digestion rather than enhance it.
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