The world runs on it. Little kids seem to have boundless supplies of it. We seem to be always wanting more of it.

energy bank account

Energy works like a bank acount.

     There’s the spending account-like a checkbook.

     And a savings account, or reserve account.

Children have a deep savings account. If you watch them, they work mostly out of their checking account, replenishing the savings account as needed.  How does this work?

energy bank account
baby energy bank account
kids play energy bank account

Kids, given healthy choices, will eat per their body’s dictates.  They eat what their body needs in the momenet. They rarely tax their digestive system, and if they do overindulge they choose not to eat (much) until the indulgence is taken care of and digested fully.

Kids sleep. They may not always leep  when and where we want them to, but unless we let them get overstimulated or overtired, kids will crash when they get tired.  When “off” days happen, they’ll rest up extra the day or two after to effectively replenish their reserves.

As we become “grown up” and go through life, we tend to write energy checks we can’t cover and have to dip into that ssavings account.

  • We tax our digestion with too much food and nutritionally void foods.
  • We deny our body rest, cleanse, and rebuild time by staying up late at night and not slowing down through the evening to prepare for rest.
  • We treat our body like a tool and don’tgive it “down time,” rub downs, or regular deep cleaning.
  • We “keep truckin'” and don’t allow healing time before we push our body, mind, or spirit back into action.

When energy in does not equal energy out, we dip into that savings reserve to cover the expenditure.

At some point we deplete the saving account. This shows up as adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, fibromyalgia, feelings of overwhelm and “stressed out,” anxiety, and burnout.

Does any of this sound/feel familiar? I’ve been there! At one point I felt so burned out I pictured myself as a shell of the duct tape I was using to hold myself together. Everything inside was burned to cinders.  It manifested as fatigue, thyroid instability, joint aches, and a feeling of overwhelm.

low energy bank account

There is good news. There is a way back.

These things are’t life sentances, though the healing may take ssome time. Deficits usually happen over time, and rebuilding the accounts take even more time. AND yet, you can restore balance and health to your energetic health bank accounts. Healing requires three things:

  1. Make intentional choices.  You probably know, or have an idea of, what you need to do. It’s that thing that “in a perfect life” you’d do. So, here’s the thing, own your life. You make it “perfect” by your small, intentional choices and daily actions toward the things you know you should do.
  2. Respect your senses.  Eat when your stomach says it’s hungry. Eat foods that nourissh your body and feel right to eat. Sleep when you’re tired. Listen to things that calm your nerves and don’t “hurt” your ears. Honor the feedback and input of your senses. They were given to you as meters and guages to help you keep your accounts in good working order.
  3. Live in rhythm.  Nature has seasons, cycles, and daily rhythms. You can go with the flow, or do your own thing. Does it take more energy to swim upstream or downstream. You can live however you want. AND if you want more energy you can leverage nature’s natural rhythms to save your energy for the things that really require it, with a net energy gain for you.  These are your daily habits. These are why the practices of Ayurvedic living we learn to live in the Abundant Living course community matter. It’s all about establishing a natural flow.  (Check out a whole workshop on this topic:  “Get Rhythm: how to use the clock to heal your body“)

You can refill your energy bank accounts.

You can be vibrant into your old age.

You can have the energy to do what is needful and enriching in your day.

You can experience joy in living.