What you say “yes” to is what you are dedicated to.
What you are dedicated to is your reality.
This has been a challenge I’ve been working on for a bit.

Reality v. Vision

Do you like the reality of your weight? Your body strength? Your bank account? Your emotional stability? It’s tough, but you have said yes to things that have created this reality.  When we don’t say “no” to the thing that’s causing the unwanted reality, we’re saying “yes” to something that’s causing the problem. I’ve done this at the local coffeeshop, to boundaries in relationships, to distractions that ate up my time.

yes no identity evolution


I have a lot of things in my reality that I’d like to change. A few years ago I wanted to change the reality of my body strength and flexibility. I wanted to change the reality of my fluctuating thyroid function. I wanted to change the reality of my unsteady income.  I was saying “yes” to a lot of things I shouldn’t have been, so I get it. It’s hard sometimes, but I’m increasingly saying “yes” to the things that are changing my reality to be more stable, flexible, and consistent.  This realization was painful, but suddenly I wasn’t a victim. I became a creator with power in my world.
What reality would you like? What vision do you have for your future, however “impossible”?  I believe that those visions are generally Divinely inspired. God has a vision for you that’s way bigger than your current reality. What’s your “wildest dream”?
impossible dream goal vision achievement

The hard part

What reasons are you giving God why that vision is impossible? In other words, in what ways are you telling God he’s inadequate for what you need to succeed at the vision he has for you?
  • *Not enough money?* Who built a universe (and various smaller things) out of thin air? Think about the things you spend money on. Are they for things that keep your reality the way it is now? What do you need to say “yes” to that will get you what you need for your better future?
  • *Not enough time?* Who can make a day a 1000 years and a 1000 years a day? I promise that as you learn and grow time opens up.  I’ve experienced how time gets made for what you’re dedicated to, whether it’s changing or maintaining status quo.  
  • *Not strong enough?* Who died and lived to tell about it?  Growth is a muscle. You aren’t strong enough now. You get strong by doing “the thing” that is put before you to do and trusting that what you need will be there. You are a hero. 
  • *Difficult people in your life?* Have you ever studied the characters in the Bible who were used in spite of themselves? Bottom line, you’re the one living your reality. The people around you may be challenges, but when you dedicate yourself to upleveling your reality you’ll find a way. The Abundant Living course is a group course because many of us need people to support a bigger vision of ourselves.  You’ll find people who can support you, and will learn how to handle the rest.  Where there’s a will, there will be found a way.
What’s holding you back from a better version of your reality? I guarantee that there’s something “next” for you, something bigger, better, different. Growth is part of living. Even a “dying” tree is in a process of transformation.
Assignment one: take 20 minutes to write down some wild, crazy thoughts for how you’d love to transform in the next year.
What do you need in order to get there? What do you not have, know how to do, or currently do regularly that you do have one year from now? The future, your “future self” is like a muscle. You exercise it to get the strength you’ll one day have. The more you do small steps that you’ll easily do a year from now, the easier it’ll be to succeed. If you can do one pullup now, you get to 100 pullups at a time by doing 1, then 2, then 4, then 8, and so on. Saying “yes” to doing pullups daily, and “no” to more netflix or an extra snooze in the morning will get you there. You don’t have what you need right now because you’re not there. The only way to get what you need is to learn and practice and acquire whatever it is.
Assigment two: take 10-20 minutes and list those things you need to have/learn/do. Expand the list to include who does have, know how to do, or currently does what you envision.
Assignment three: say “yes” to doing one small step daily on your list.
  • Say YES to a bigger vision of your reality.
  • YES to making changes asked of you.
  • YES to people (mentors, books, video personalities, etc) who’ve been placed in your life.
  • YES to investing time and money in things that are small steps toward that bigger reality.
A new reality is yours for the taking. Dedicate yourself to it.  Say YES and grow into the next more wonderful thing in store for you.

Is a mentor on your list?

Are you one of those of us who have trouble putting the potential future into words? You feel too stuck?

Message me, get on my calender, to talk about the possibilities. Teaching the skills and mentoring you into your better future is what I’m here for and what we do in the Abundant Living course.