In a day and age when everyone seems to want to know what to put in their body to get healthy, sometimes the answer is 


  • No food things
  • No special drinks
  • No supplement pills
  • No prescriptions
  • No shots or injections

We can duct tape ourselves together with these things, but ultimately, there is no magic elixir for a stressful, going going lifestyle. There is not a pill to help if you consistently eat what you want rather than what you need. There’s not a supplement for a disconnection from nature. You can’t inject joy, peace, or calm into your body.

Sometimes the answer is 




SILENCE PEACE calm meditation

In Christian circles, we say “let go and let God.”  Which is true and great, but HOW?

We’re told to “talk to God” about things and pray, pray, pray.  Also true and good, but, honestly, I run out of words. Especially when my heart is full. How does one pray without ceasing?

The mind thinks in words. The heart thinks in feeling.

easeful living, equanimity, peace, life,

So, how do you access the heart with it’s passion, the gut with it’s wisdom, and the peace, love, joy of closeness to your Creator, given the 

crazy world we live in and the full-at-the-seams lives we make for ourselves?

How do we stay healthy inside if not putting something from the outside into our bodies to stay strong?



“‘In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.'”  -Isaiah 30:15

The practice of sitting in silence is a practice of quieting the body and mind so you can rest and hear the still small voice that speaks to your heart and gut. It’s a practice of being calm and still such that the subtler voices of your being can unburden themselves and be strengthened.

That sounds great, right?  However, are you a “Martha” like I am? Always busy and going, finding it hard to just sit? To rest, be quiet, and be confident in what you can’t control?

Here’s a video with a couple “how to’s.” These sitting and breathing practices are excellent for 

  • coping with stress,
  • dealing with sadness, depression, anxiety
  • managing difficult emotions,
  • sharing your joy with your Creator,
  • letting your body unwind at the end of a busy busy day (or even a “normal” day!),
  • or just drawing close to your Maker’s knee for a moment to be blessed.

This is the blessing of