Decision making is hard sometimes. Opportunities come up and we have to choose:




How do you pick between a few…or several…great things? Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s not.

You have a calling in this life, as reason you’re here.  Does what you’re doing align with your deep desires? 

Do you even know what your deep desires are??  Most people don’t. We’ve been trained to deny our deepest heart desires since we were little, and it does make for an unfocused, complicated life as we chase “shoulds” and supposed “have to’s” rather than our true purpose. Decisions about so many things clutter our lives because we aren’t focussed and don’t have a clear process for making those decisions.  

Abundance starts with clarity. Use these worksheets as tools to gain clarity about your goals, who and what you want to be, and what’s important to you. Your decisions become intentional then, rather than ad hoc and reactionary. Message me with any questions, as my goal is to help you have more abundance of real, purposeful, meaningful life. I’d also love to hear your ah-ha’s and discoveries!