Abundant Living

Living life large

“Stand at the crossroads and look;

ask for the ancient paths,

ask were the good way is, and walk in it,

and you will find rest for your souls.”


From Fatigue to Abundance

Long, long ago I was fascinated by the “ancient paths” in Jeremiah.  What are they? I’d like some rest for my soul, I thought.  I knew that health was to be found in nature somehow, but how to find it?

I’ve always tried to eat well, to eat good wholesome food.  I was raised on garden vegetables and farm raised beef.  My mom cooked and canned.  Then I had seven babies.  I co-ran a farm and farm business. I homeschooled the kids.  We had a large garden and preserved a lot of it.  I didn’t take good care of myself after the last couple of babies because there was so much to do (so I believed).  I was burning the candle at both ends so that I could get everything done on my list…and it still didn’t get done.  My thyroid got so fed up with me that it quit a couple of times.  The first time, I had rashes everywhere.  The second time, my heart added it’s voice and didn’t beat in time, quite effectively getting my attention.

I was in total burnout mode.  Getting up in the morning was a chore.  Cooking wasn’t fun.  I didn’t have the energy to play with the kids.  The farm held no joy for me, and I didn’t care about sharing it’s goodness with people.

Then I “stumbled” across an ancient path that studied how life works, distilling the rhythms of nature into 10 life practices and habits.  Within the support of a group on the same path, I began eating in tune with my body’s digestive clock, going to bed at night, giving my body TLC, and resting my mind.  I began to look forward to the day’s adventures, enjoy my family, and appreciate the abundant wealth of good, health nourishing food around me.  Life was looking up again.

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian medical practice.  It literally means “study of life.”  From that ancient path we derive 10 basic life practices that align us with nature and the rhythm and harmonies of creation.  These are the habits of our grandparents and great grandparents and are common to many old cultures.  By tuning our inner drummer to beat in tune with the beats of the real world around us, we can experience greater health in our bodies, peace in our minds, and greater awareness in our spirits.  There is “rest for your soul” in practicing the habits that follow the ancient paths.  This is the journey that we are on in Abundant Living.  You are invited to join us.

“Life is meant to be lived, not just endured!”
At first I liked the ” idea” of abundant living and the habits for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I was one foot in and the rest of my body out for the first session. The second session was more familiar and the information easier to apply and digest. The third I was ready to dive in and my life has forever been changed. The wisdom and knowledge I have gained is immeasurable. I just completed my year and wow! I am absolutely content with who I am, what I am doing – or not doing.

This journey is only beginning! When you invest in yourself….. it’s always a good thing. I feel better, think better, and over all function better .


wife, mother, homesteader/farmer, business owner


wife, mother, caretaker, homesteader/farmer, business owner

Things have been crazy busy around here. One of my (gains) is around my anxiety or lack there of now. The time to myself and just the breathing exercises have changed my life! When I feel anxious or something out of the normal way of being, I can take a minute to just get in touch with what is actually happening. The ability to control it before it becomes an issue has been priceless. The early to bed and early to rise has been life changing. Waking up before the house provides the opportunity to create a day that leaves ALL of us empowered. 

wife, mother of a toddler, business owner and consultant



wife, mom of teens, gardener, runner, manager of a non-profit organization

What can Abundant Living do for me?

  • Experience flexibility, strength, and resiliancy for your body.
  • Live vibrant emotional stability and resiliancy. Cope effectively with stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.
  • Enjoy light, joy, peace as you experience the structure and freedom available to you.
  • Enjoy natural good health, with minimal to no supplements or special restrictions.
  • Grow spiritually as you discover the God given tools for living abundantly alive.
  • Live a lifestyle of good health that can last your lifetime

What is involved in the Abundant Living course & community?

  • Learn the ancient practices of good health for body, mind, and spirit.  These are universal to all races, genders, and ages.  You are not too old, too young, too sick, or even too well to enjoy more abundance in life.
  • Community support is a key to changing your life.  Support and accountability, both received and given are the golden ticket to making your personal evolution stick.
  • Regular guidance on the journey.  You don’t have to figure it all out on your own!  I will be your teacher, mentor, and guide and am accessible daily on the forum, in the weekly group calls, and for monthly one on one conversations.

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