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Life can be challenging, no doubt about it.  The dis-ease caused in body, mind, and spirit by our culture can be overwhelming.  There is hope!  Discover how the Ayurvedic routines of daily living can offer solutions and help you rediscover how to enjoy life in abundance.

Abundant Living Course

How can Abundant Living help me??

What is Abundant Living?
Abundant Living is a program designed to help you experience vibrant and healthy living, feeling abundantly alive, through the tools and practices nature provides to us.  Successful people practice small daily habits that align them with nature’s rhythms.  You can feel abundantly alive as we hack our learning system with modern science to practice these time honored self-care skills for vibrant life and health.
How do I know that you can help me with my condition?
We’ll discover this together in a Wellness Discovery chat.  In this conversation we’ll talk about where you are now and where you’d like to be.  In the process we’ll decide if the group is right for you and if you are right for the group. These habits have been used for centuries by Ayurvedic and other classical medical practices to prevent and alleviate every dis-ease known (and unknown, as the case may be).  Can they help you?  Let’s chat.
How does the teaching and coaching happen?
The teachings are on an online platform that you’ll have full access to.  You’ll be directed to the weekly lesson on our group forum at the beginning of the week. You’ll have a few days to watch the video and work on the worksheets and incorporate the teaching into your life.  We’ll have an online, live, interactive meeting once a week to check in, see how you’re doing and what you might need support with, and to support each other.  We also have a twice monthly open topic call for your burning questions and topics.
Do you offer any one on one coaching?
The main coaching and teaching is done within the group because that is how we humans, a community oriented beings, transform ourselves most efficiently, naturally, and easily. The group is a huge source of inspiration, support, and accountability.  However, part of your “bus ticket” is a once monthly laser coaching call in which you can get specific, targeted coaching one on one.  So, there are opportunities for one on one coaching within the main group program.
What is the time requirement for the course?
Of course, the bigger your time investment, the bigger your results. That said, the lesson video is usually about half an hour. The worksheets can take an hour or so. Our weekly group support call is about an hour and a quarter. There is a bi-weekly “office hour” call that is one to one and a half hours. However, the lesson and book chapter can be listened to while doing other things. The worksheets are on an “effort in, results out” basis, so completely at your discretion. The live calls are invaluable time, and are recorded so if you miss it you can watch it later.  If you had to pick and choose, the live meetings are the best bang for your time according to course members. And you can stack the other lessons into other activities. The real question is how big a result do you want to invest in?

About Abundant Living

Learning how to really LIVE

Life is abundant.  Do you feel that?  What’s holding you back from experiencing health and peace?  This course will introduce you to the 10 habits of daily living that will help you align with nature’s rhythms.  The support of a group of people on the same path will accelerate your growth into the healthy, peaceful person you know you can be.  Let’s chat about where your health is, where you’d like to be, and how you can get there!

Folks like you say:

For me, this class has brought me more clarification in the direction I want to go in. Living a more healthier life and learning little tricks of the trade helps me to keep the anxiety level down to a small roar so to speak. I find it uplifting to rediscover a lost knowledge.”

Bonny Chrans

wife, mother, caregiver, homesteader, small business owner


Wife, mother of teens, gardener, manager of a non-profit organization


It’s normal information that you would not normally correlate to causing issues for yourself. It has cut my stress level in half even though I added the stress of starting a business in (while taking the course).


wife, mother, homesteader, small business owner, supervisor at a non-profit organization